Introducing a higher level of care in Real Estate! With the Murji Team, you can be rest assured that the purchase or sale of your home will be handled with the utmost attention to detail and can be certain of a comfortable stress free transaction resulting in the best negotiated deal. 

Arif Murji, Broker
16 years in the business have helped me to really understand what my clients need - honest, insightful assessments of their current situation coupled with reliable information about their real estate transactions and investments. My focus is on making your largest investments as profitable, risk free and pleasant as possible.  I have developed a process which lets you be in control while providing you with the most relevant and up to date information available. A business built on long standing client loyalty doesn't happen overnight and doesn't happen without proven results.  It takes consistent, conscientious respect, care and understanding of your needs.  These are the cornerstones of my client relationships. 

Stephanie Scalia, Sales Representative 
Stephanie marries her expertise in marketing through her formal education as well as her practical experience in Real Estate and Property Management to advise our clients on how to best present their property. Be it their palace or an income property, Stephanie will lend her expertise to ensure the smoothest and most profitable transaction. Aside from her skills, Stephanie excels in patient, competent council for clients first entering the Real Estate Market.